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GENX- IT Solution Under One Roof


GenX is a global IT solution provider to numerous clients across the globe with over 10 years experience in building, implementing and managing business systems and IT environments critical to success in today’s changing market.In GenX we strongly believe "Team Work Culture" and it is an integral part of our Corporate Value System.

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Quality education is an essential requisite in todays competitive environment. Established in 2005, GenX has been providing Smart Classroom Services to a number of reputed educational and professional institutions of the entire Northeast. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students while improving their overall academic performance in school.It is our qualitative service with latest technology that offers us a competitive edge over other competitors.GenX understands the objectives of its clients and develops sophisticated functionalities to meet those needs. GenX is a one stop solution for fulfilling all your digital classroom requirements. Our Technical support team is available to you for a totally satisfied relationship. Call us at- 9854027694 Visit us at-
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1st Floor Anjana Complex, Shreemanta Shankardev Kalakhetra Road, Sixmile, Guwahati-22, Assam ()
+91 9864036914  or  +91 9854027694  or    (Trouble calling us?)
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26.1445169 91.7362365 GENX- IT Solution Under One Roof 1st Floor Anjana Complex, Shreemanta Shankardev Kalakhetra Road, Sixmile, Guwahati-22, Assam ()